Let us save you from the Canva-designed logos that you see on every second small business page! 


Branding and style is the life-force that powers our design crew. They love it, they breath it, they dream of it - they're just really into it. 

Our graphic design services can take you from a consultation all the way through to packaging, merch, and (of course) a full suite of brand assets.


Brooklyn Barbers were a new business looking to develop a masculine brand, that leant on traditional barber iconography. Through consultation, we landed on a black and gold theme - with a metallic finish to the lettering - a very Gatsby vibe, if you ask me. It defines the brand as masculine and sophisticated -  a great reflection for any brand looking to target mens grooming.



Echuca Hampers was a new arm of an existing company. A fantastic concept, they offer selections of local produce in convenient hamper-style packages. Without question, we knew we just had to incorporate a hamper or gift element throughout their branding. We landed on the rich red colour, as the bulk of their offering was food - and it creates a luxurious holiday vibe. We love how simple and stylish this logo and brand came together!



Clocktower Suites presented to us as a new business in Echuca. The business has both accommodation and offer functions and events. The business owner has another successful hospitality business, so looked to match the branding as much as possible and wanted 2 new logos - one for the functions and one for the suites. A nice simple logo design job! Only problem? We had no way to identify the exact typography that was used in their pre-existing brand. We ended up with a custom job on some letters, and we think the effort was well worth it, as it looks classy and gorgeous!

Black Suites.png
White Functions.png


Fuzion Cafe are very good friends of ours, so when the opportunity presented to modernise their branding - we jumped straight on it. The current owners bought the business with an existing brand that was very bold and, let's just say, not very modern. It was time to soften their look, and add some modern elements. We opted for a block lettering for their main font, and a cursive font for their secondary heading font - which creates a gorgeous opportunity for their cafe, grazing boxes and catering to each have their own sub-brand. Fuzion ended up receiving logo versions with a range of icons - but have opted to primarily use the version with a gorgeous little flower, which you can see here.



Say hello to 'Off the Grid' - our very own monthly E-Newsletter, covering our movements for the past month, tips, tricks and any other news from the J2 Crew. Given it's our own, we give the creative team freedom to explore different designs - with each month reflecting a different theme. It's a way for them to flex their creativity and also keep our clients and community up-to-date.

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River Gum Florist are a beautiful florist business located in Seymour, Victoria. Their passionate team were after a new website - with a fresh look and design. Along the way, it became clear that they were also desperately in need of a new logo. So we did that too! With their name being "river gum", we immediately knew we wanted to include flowering Eucalyptus Gum Nuts somehow. We designed a range of options, landing on a brush stroke font and thin block lettering to contract. The gum nuts create a unique shape, with the pink also tying in their branding.



The Port Folio's branding was one of those designs that just come together in some magical and simple way. As an artistic business, we knew the brand needed to have some sort of nod to art and creativity. Business owner, Ali, quickly drew a brush and palette in one continuous stroke. We adapted this into the logo, creating something truly unique and beautiful. There's not many business owners who could say "I drew that" when they look at their own signage.

The Port Folio Logo Final White Background.png


Another gorgeous developement by our design crew, is Committee for Echuca Moama's new logo and branding. C4EM's CEO came to us with the project to modernise and bring new life to their brand. Through consultation, we agreed that the new branding needed to represent some of the company's values. The three colours in the C represent land, water and sun and the 3 dots either side represent the 3 rivers that run through the towns of Echuca Moama. The E and M are joined in most logo iterations, representing that the towns of Echuca and Moama are joined and stronger when working together.


The Hub is a collective-mentality studio based in Echuca. We worked with the main director of the collaborative, in order to develop a brand that reflects the brand's values. With an existing brand of their own, we looked to develop something that existed in it's own right - but also nodded to the pre-existing brand. Hence the black, mint green and white were adopted. As a nod to health, growth and wellbeing - we investigated a huge range of icons with the director, and eventually landed on the gorgeous tree you see here. In order to modernise the brand, we also workshopped. range of fonts - with this clean brush-stroke look presenting as the winner.



Our creative genius, Claudia, is a passionate designer - and has designed a range of event signage in her time with us. Be it weddings, birthdays, Hen's parties, AGM's, fundraisers and any other type of event - Claudia is the dream designer you've been wishing for!