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Why choose an agency to create your content and marketing strategy?

You can learn just about anything on the internet: from cooking recipes to building sustainable homes to marketing your business online. So why would you hire a marketing agency, when you could just learn how to do it yourself?

Image Description: Jemima and Jason working from their iPad, iPhone and laptop

When you hire J2 Content Creation to elevate your online presence, not only will you receive expert advice and gorgeous content, but you’ll have objective perspectives on marketing trends and strategies to take advantage of the market in each present moment.

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It is so important to have a strong digital presence, and we love helping businesses expand their reach and generate stronger engagement with target audiences. The online market is a constantly evolving space; between app developments and trends, it can be a challenging mechanical bull-ride trying to stay relevant and not fall off the engagement horse. This is where we pride ourselves in being aware of current trends and how to utilize them in expanding your businesses reach and engagement.

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We have a team of creative and passionate individuals who all come with their unique experiences, perspectives and skill sets. Not only does our strong team ethic cultivate innovative marketing strategies, but it allows us to capture a range of beautiful content that will portray your business in a professional and stylish manner.

Image Description: product photography of Tropeaka x Sarah's Day Inner Health and Beauty Powder, with fresh raspberries, strawberries, lemons and bananas.

We all have an eye for taking gorgeous photos, however each of our artists has their own specialty. Ebony loves to capture a bird’s eye view by taking breathtaking footage using a drone. Claudia has an eye for graphic design and using stylised photos with text for infographics and information booklets. Zeph is passionate about product photography and presenting products attractively and genuinely. Larissa is our resident foodie, constantly creating mouth-watering content. Tahlia & Jemima are our all-rounders, whilst Jason takes charge across creative direction.

Image Description: a collage of J2 content; (beginning top left) drone photograph of Murray River; Echuca Choc Company strawberry flavoured hard candy; portrait of Ebony holding her camera; cans of Pals alcoholic beverages in an eski; visual merchandising of a plant nursery.

Where Claudia has a Diploma in Visual Merchandising (VM) and has worked for large-scale companies, Zeph’s experience comes from years of experience in smaller scale spaces. They’re both amazing at VM, but their different experiences creates a team with varied perspectives and diversifies the work we are capable of producing.

Image Description: Valentines Day window decal promotion

Our entire team is amazing at producing content, developing strategies, and staying hungry to expand our skill sets. We take each client and pool our resources to build highly effective campaigns and strategies that will elevate your business to the next level and beyond. It’s what gives us an advantage over internal marketing teams, and what will give your business the upper-hand as you look to create growth with your online presence.

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Our creative minds are inspired by your business dreams - get in touch with us so we can make them come true!

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