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Social Media + Meta Ads

Our team of strategic social media managers are ready to help boost your online presence & engage your ideal customers.


Alongside creating passionate, fun and effective content, we can help your business stay on trend, increase your engagement, and make social media work for you - not the other way around.

Our team of Ads experts will implement proven Meta ads (Facebook & Instagram) strategies to drive online sales, generate leads, and amass huge reach and new social media followers.

Hit's Different


Hits Different is an online drinks retailer, specialising in healthy beverages.

We work with Hits Different to create TVC, promo style content to be used in meta ads & their social media.

What we do for them: We create high production, promo videos for the brand through an ongoing content creation package. Using this content, we have also set up and run a sales ad campaign in meta ads.

Highlights: Created some epic TVC style & promo videos for them, which has also been cross posted to YouTube.


Echuca Racing Club is Echuca's local racing club that hosts events & race meets regularly. 

We worked with Echuca Racing Club on their social media management around their key events.

What we do for them: We create content at each of their key events throughout the racing season & manage their social media, increasing post frequency around these events with an ongoing social media contract.

Highlights: We have shot epic drone footage & event-style content.

Echuca Race Club


Coffey's Metal Roofing is local roof plumbing company that is a family business, priding themselves on quality work and a respectful work work environment.

We work with Coffey's Metal Roofing on their social media management & content creation. They first came to us in need of a website and have since become an ongoing social media client.

What we do for them: We created a website for their business, and then onboared them as an ongoing social media management client. 

Highlights: We have created epic top of funnel content for their brand to increase their brand awareness through organic social media.

Coffey's Metal Roofing
Alpha Tyres


ALPHA Tyres is your 24/7 one stop shop for all things vehicle related!

We worked with Alpha Tyres to create high quality, engaging content for their social media.

What we did for them: We created fresh content for their social media including drone & piece to camera content with an ongoing content creation contract.

Highlights: We created epic content that was engaging and social media ready!