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Client success stories

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St Anne's Winery


St. Anne's Winery is a family owned and operated Winery, established in 1972. Since then, the company has continued to expand and now owns wineries throughout Victoria, and exports wines internationally. Over the years, the family team have developed a range of award-winning wines, including red, white, sparkling, liqueurs and fortified wines.


What we achieved:

  • Grew ads revenue to over $11.5k a month

  • Consistent ROAS of 3+

How we did it:

  • Engaging content - including product photography + videography, and content focussed on people enjoying their wines.

  • Targeted Meta ads strategies, optimising budget around conversion campaigns. Prioritised developing ongoing compaigns that are highly profitable, and introduced seasonal campaigns and short-term campaigns for events (e.g. Mother's Day). 

  • Incremental increases to budgets, and ongoing optimisation to grow sales month on month.


As a well established brand with award-winning products, St Anne's came to us with their primary goal being to grow online sales. With a number of wineries capturing local trade, and exports capturing international trade - their core goals have been to tap into new online markets, and maximise profits by re-targeting existing customers to increase re-purchases. 


They knew they needed more engaging content and solid ads strategies - but their internal team didn't have the time and skills to get it done. Our team of experts hit the ground running and within weeks, we had fresh content and Meta ads campaigns driving online sales. 



With almost every ecommerce client, our number 1 priority is to get some epic content produced ASAP. St Anne's had a great deck of corporate imagery, but we knew we needed to strip back their content a bit in order to drive online sales. We got straight to work, producing a range of content that we could test with. We focussed our efforts on creating content of people enjoying their wines, and more stylised content of their wines in studio and on location.


As soon as we had enough content to test ads campaigns with, our team got stuck into creating Meta ads campaigns. Our primary goal is to consistently increase their online sales, so budget has been prioritised across conversion campaigns - with a bit of extra oomph on retargeting their existing customers. Immediate results aren't always guaranteed, but our ads nerds worked hard to get their ROAS up to 7+. From there, we've incrementally increased their ad spend to increase sales. Our team continues to optimise their content, campaigns and budgets, to make sure campaigns are profitable and effective. We've since taken their monthly online sales to over $11.5k.



From here, we're optimising existing campaigns to lift their ROAS even higher - before increasing ad spend again. We're also about to implement some new content strategies, including more UGC. We're obsessed with achieving brilliant results for all of our clients, and are excited to see this brand break some new sales records.

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